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Mike and Gary with Stage Ranch sign

Grove and vineyard owners vary greatly from crop year to crop year, dependent on regulatory change, weather changes, market trends and variances in pressure from pests.

Stage Ranch makes its vast in-the-field experience and expertise through education available to our clients who have the need for consultancy.

Items we can consult on include:

  • Pest Control
  • Nutrient Management
  • Crop Selection
  • Suitability
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Best Practices
  • Regulatory

Farm Management

As they say, “The best fertilizer for your grove is the owner’s footsteps.”

We have a sincere belief that our farm management practices at Stage Ranch should not only reflect the best practices, but we strictly take into account each property owner’s needs. Our farm management structure can be tailored to include any of the following services:

Grove Management

Organic Certification
Irrigation Repair
Backpack Spraying
Tractor Work (Mowing, Discing, Spraying, Pre-pruning)
Fertilization Management
Beneficial Insect Applications
Helicopter Spraying
Soil and Leaf Analysis
Well Management
Gopher Abatement
Cover Crop Planting and Management
Pruning and Chipping
Crop Sales Management
Packing House Coordination

Vineyard Management

Irrigation Repair
Backpack Spraying
Tractor Work (Mowing, Discing, Spraying, Pre-pruning)
Fertilization Management
Beneficial Insect Applications
Shoot Thinning
Succoring Vines
Mechanical Pre-pruning
Petiole and Coil Analysis
Vine Grafting
Well Management
Imidacloprid Management
Cover Crop Management
Vine Tying
Rewrapping Cordon
Mildew Prevention
Machine Harvesting
Hand Harvesting
Grape Sales and Brokerage

Monthly farming services and related charges are based on actual hours worked. Our work order process ensures clients are communicated with frequently on exactly which activities are being performed and at what time, giving grove and vineyard owners the transparency and cost management capabilities they need to be successful.


Stage Ranch Farm Management’s avocado, citrus and vineyard capabilities are second to none. Our extensive knowledge of the Temecula Valley wine grape market and understanding of both the organic citrus and avocado markets guide us in recommending the right crop type, selecting the right site and developing each client property to its fullest potential. 

From land acquisition to site improvement for stormwater management, grading and the installation of roadways and access points to clonal and varietal selection, site orientation, complete installation and cost/performance estimation, the daunting process of developing a grove or vineyard and managing the increasing cost is something that Stage Ranch Farm Management can guide you through.

Our deep care for our clients and the continued growth of our agricultural region motivates us to act as true stewards of both our clients’ needs and our communities’ agriculture interests.

Crop Sales

As some may say, “Growing is the easy part, selling it is the hard part.”

Our clients’ economic success ultimately drives the best vineyard and grove management practices and finds continued agriculture growth. After decades of picking, selling, and brokering thousands of tons of fruit and very well established packing house and grape buyer relationships, Stage Ranch is a great resource to its clients. It is Stage Ranch’s intention to ensure that its client group has priority in selling their fruit at the right time and at the right price.

Crop Sales services include:

  • Sales Contract Management
  • Crop Value Estimation
  • Picking, Scheduling and Management
  • Fruit Brokerage